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Working From Home Jobs That Are Ideal

So is there any working from home jobs that are not a scam or will cost you money to join? Well firstly lets look at the title as this is a clue; a job should not cost you money as a job is something that pays for your time to do the required tasks so when you see a title work from jobs then these should not cost you a penny as an advertisement for a job is for the employer to pay you as explained.

Now a work from home business is different as there are always start up costs and overheads to pay out for with a business and that is the same online. Even if you have an e-bay or amazon account for example you still have to pay fees to list etc as you would have fees to cover in a price of a product in  real life.

You only have to go on a social media site such as facebook and join a work from home group and 9 out of 10 adverts will be some sort of scam where yo have to lay out money in order to join or gain access to “the next best thing” that will make you hundreds of pounds or dollars a day only to find a lot of the time you could obtain this information with a little research online.

Obviously there are jobs you can do working from home from putting fixtures together for a local factory that deliver and pick up although this pays poorly to being a virtual PA if you have the right skills.

Amazon Fulfillment users who are running white label businesses often use a virtual PA who can answer there questions and deal with questions on orders, this makes for a full time job and but as the pay again is not great you can supplement this by offering your services to more than one business.

I have sold on Amazon and Ebay for several years and  at once time before the said Niche run out of steam I became a power seller with a high turnover within that market so I know it can work. I started off by buying designer clothes from Charity shops and selling them on Ebay before selling brand new designer clothing from suppliers, it was that easy, hardly any overheads and a worldwide audience.

You will find today that most of  the working from home jobs are require a computer and internet use however a smart phone can help you out to a certain extent.

Ideal jobs that could enable you to work from home can include

  • online tutoring,
  • internet research,
  • blogging,
  • freelance writing,
  • transcription services,
  • website design,
  • fundraising management and consultancy.

There are many different types of employers recruiting for employees that will work from home and they range from big name brands through to small businesses and start-ups, the world is a much smaller place with the world wide web than it was 12 years ago for instance.

If you do some due Diligence and research correctly then there are places you can find legitimate home jobs however the rates of pay are not as good as a normal job and most of the time you can expect to do a high work load for minimal pay.

I am more driven to working for myself and I have found a genuine sight that allows me to run my own websites and has given me huge community support and tuition in order to be able to develope my business.

Wealthy Affiliate Secrets
Wealthy Affiliate Secrets

Its very similar to drop shipping in a way but you don’t need a shopping platform to sell your goods as you learn to drive traffic to companies websites and if they buy then you earn a commission on the sale so in that way it is similar to drop shipping but it is called Affiliate marketing.

This subject has always had a special interest for me and now it has let me fulfill my dream of working from home and live the life I want to and if you choose this path then it will for you to. Its not easy but hard work pays off and once you find your  system then it will all come together.

Once your website is established the earning potential is massive however you need to put the work in to get the ball rolling!

If your interested then here’s the link: Wealthy Affiliate

also if you have any questions or comments please comment below as I’d love to chat and engage with you.

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12 thoughts to “Working From Home Jobs”

  1. It does sound appealing and I have looked for a way to make money online for quite some time. But, I do not have the courage to quit my job for it. Do you think there is a way to go for it part time and see if it works?

    1. hi Jacob An ideal way to start a business is to start small while your still in your job, wealthy affiliate gives you a chance to start something and biuld it at your own pace.

      I have done it this way in the past and once my income from my business overtook my job I only thought about quitting then.

      I would say build this as a second income over a couple of years and see where it goes?

      Enjoy your journey

      Darren (dalwhu on wealthy affiliate – look me up!

  2. Yeah that’s the thing about making money online that people don’t understand, in most cases when you’re just starting off you’re going to lose money unlike an office job where you get paid from the get go. There’s a lot analysing and learning at the beginning that can only come at the expense of money and time, I’m still here but hopefully it’ll be worth it!

    1. I truly bi be it will be worth it Lyle as long as your passionate about your niche then it will.

      If you open a shop you will have overheads and the same with an online business however these are greatly reduced, the unique thing about wealthy affiliate is you can try it before you invest.

      Good luck on your journey


  3. Hey man I really like your site, and how much you really go into detail about the different ways a person typically generates income from home.
    I too am a part of wealthy affiliate and I will say I have never seen something so promising in my life! I’ve only at it for about 3 months now but I definitely am excited for the near future.

    1. Hi Gabe

      Thanks pal, yes I’m getting more and more concerned over all these scams online, wealthy affiliate is a legitimate busdiness and I’ve learnt so much. Your definetly in the right place, you’re gojng to learn so much!!


  4. Not hard at all – most are right under your nose if you are willing to put time and effort in it will pay you for life 🙂
    Research a company, talk to people in that business and get to know them as a person.
    If a company has been around many years and genuine people earn genuine incomes then I say go for it. You don’t know what you don’t know!
    I’ve been with my company 4 years now and earn a full time income for part time hours – I will never be owned by employment again, I love the freedom…

    1. Great news!!

      For those of you still struggling to find something, just do your homework, Tanya has proved there are businesses out there however you will have to work hard as you would any business, if an adverts telling you that you can earn £/$ 500 a day then I’m afraid it’s probabaly a scam of some kind!
      Thats awesome Tanya and so inspirational !


  5. Hey there! I’m a college student and I’m looking for a part time job online. I found your article very interesting and informative. As a college student I need to pay some things for school. I’m looking for a part time job online that will give me decent amount of money. From you listed jobs that I can do at home which one gives the highest amount of money? I really appreciate your response.

    1. Hi John

      It’s free to sign up to WA and you can go straight into Affiliate bootcamp and have step by step tutorials in setting up a website like this and also have free advice from experts around the world, I have learnt so much from this platform and not only in internet marketing but in other areas to.

      Many entrepreneurs are here willing to help others to make and meet their financial goals. We offer a system of training, encouragement, how to, and support through a social media like platform. If you want to learn how to build your own business, WA affiliate is your system

       The community really supports each other here.

      As I stated it is totally free to join up and set an account up and you can upgrade at your convenience or not, you do get a 30 day taster of the full platform to experience all the knowledge you can gain here. 

      WA includes more than 50 training modules on using the internet, building a website needed to connect your business to the World Wide Web. 

  6. Hello, thanks for this list of making some money online. I myself am involved with blogging, but I have been curious about doing website design for other clients. Do you know anything about that avenue and its income potential? I love blogging because it allows me to talk about something I am passionate about, and it gives me various income opportunities.

    1. Hi Jacob

      I do not know a lot about the avenue for web design however I do know a few people who do web design and hosting. They use a host and create their clients websites using a platform called Wealthy Affiliate, you can check it out from my review >>here

      Not only does Wealthy Affiliate offer all hosting and updates in their membership package they also offer state of the art training for multiple income streams for you to create revenue for blogging and reviewing plus much more as you can also gain a wealth of experience through the global online community.

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